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Granite in the 6th generation – Schiller granite products Ireland
Our original granite works was found in 1890 in Weidenberg, Bavaria, Germany by the Schiller Brothers Johann & George. Granite has been in the blood ever since.
The works was expanded to a most industrial stone manufacturing plant in the area with over 200 employees by Johann’s son Christian. It gave chore employment to numerous families for generations.

Historical Granite Brochure Granite blocs Sawing granite Sanding granite
Cutting granite Process granite Finishing granite

Christian’s wife Elenore Pezold came from a family of similar background. Her father Otto Pezold had a number of granitworks, including a plant in Switzerland, wohlesale outlets throughout Germany.

Pezold and Schiller co-owned a Granite Quarry in the Koesseine in Bavaria. The Koesseine material with its striking blue colour is one of the precious granites found in Germany.

Sales Depot Bayreuth, Germany

Schiller Granite Works, Weidenberg, Germany

Holger & Bjorn Schiller

Holger, Jessica & Bianca Schiller

Christian’s son Holger worked in the family businesses and formed Schiller Granite Natural Stone Importers (Germany) which specialised in importing finished stone products for distribution in all of Germany. He had vaious wholesale outlets throught the region.
Later in life he moved with his wife Erika and family to Ireland & restored Ardtarmon Castle, Co. Sligo in the early 1980s.

Ardtarmon Castle Ardtarmon Castle

Today granite is in the family blood in its 6th generation. We now offer generations of expertise of supply of stone products to every customer requirements to the Irish Market. Due to long built relations to the stone industry we can supply goods at keenest prices to wholesale and retail.

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